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Yoga Play News

What's happening at Yoga Play?


While things in the rest of the world are still going crazy here in WA, we continue to have a relatively smooth COVID ride.  At Yoga Play, although we have had to make some adjustments and changes to the way we operate, we are still able to have lots of fun and games during our classes. 

2020 was very enjoyable with a few new class members joining us and a very successful "Bring-a-buddy" day.  We had themed classes, such as Camping, Under the Sea and Magic while we have also covered concepts such as Emotional Independence, Gentleness and Self-nurturing.

I have a really good feeling about what 2021 has in store for us at Yoga Play.  I plan to offer my first Family Yoga class and the biggest news for Yoga Play in 2021 is that we are starting our very first Teens Yoga class aimed to assist our busy teens with their physical and mental well-being.

I am spurred on by comments like the one that was made to me last term: "I can't wait to come back to Yoga next term!  When I've had a really bad week I look forward to Saturday's when I can come to Yoga to feel relaxed!"  A parent told me this term that they send their 'spirited child' to Yoga as she comes home so calm and relaxed.

If these are not good enough reasons to give your child the gift of Yoga then what is?

I look forward to helping more children on their Yoga journey.  Spread the word to your friends!